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Arjan Web Craft has pioneered the concept of a Globally distributed Virtual Datacenter. Our Virtual Datacenter is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services.

Salient features of the Arjan Web Craft Virtual Datacenter
* Integrates thousands of distributed servers seamlessly
* Provides high-availability, redundancy and unmatched reliability
* Completely white-labeled IP addresses so that for all practical purposes this global cluster of hundreds of servers would appear as YOUR servers to your Customers

Arjan Web Craft Virtual Datacenter Details

The datacenters are connected to the internet through Gigabit ethernet connections from separate backbone providers, who each run fiber optic cables into the data center through separate entry points.

To guard against line failure or intrusion, the data center is staffed 24 hours a day. Movement throughout the facility is escorted at ALL times. There is 24x7 closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances. Between the cameras, access control, and the security team, the datacenter facilities are pretty secure.

The total incoming power is a multiple of what is required to run the datacenter. There is an ATS (Automatic Transfer switch) in place to automatically kick in a generator in case of a power failure. The datacenters are also equipped with redundant UPS systems to ensure clean power.

Redundant A/C systems, each running at a fraction of their capacity, keep the server rooms cool. The units are alternated so that each one is kept in optimal condition.

Advanced Smoke Detection & Fire Protection Systems
The datacenters are equipped with specialized fire detection and protection systems meant specifically for protecting servers as using ordinary water based systems would cause just as much damage as fire.


Intel Xeon Dual Core x CPU (8 CPU with hyperthreading)
HDD 250 x 2 or 500 x 2 per server

Datacenter Details

With room for over 25,000 dedicated servers, the private N+1

datacenter facility incorporates the following infrastructure:

6000 amps 480v Input Power

6 x 750Kva UPS Battery Backup Units

3 x 2000Kw Diesel Generator with Onsite Fuel Storage

Redundant Liebert 30 Ton HVAC Units

Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression

Proximity Security Badge Access

Digital Security Video Surveillance