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We specialize in pay-for-placement and traditional search engine optimization that helps companies make the most of their online advertising budgets. Our research and analysis results in strategically positioned ad exposure and consistent, highly targeted traffic generation at the very best price. Navigate to your area of interest:

A website can give you and your organization vast exposure to your customers. But how do your customers get to your website? Like millions of other online shoppers, chances are that customers find your site through search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or MSN. In fact, according to MSN's latest statistics, 85% of online shoppers use search engines to find websites. Therefore, web promotion is paramount if you wish to increase your website's visibility to potential customers.But for registration to be really effective, it needs to be handled by web professionals with specialized knowledge of web promotion. Cost can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.

Achieving a high ranking in search engines involves a great deal of specialized knowledge in a field where things are constantly in flux. If you don't have the time to spend for the task, consider outsourcing us for search engine optimization to get that high positioning.

By performing all your task at one place, we save your precious time spent on lengthy, tedious, laborious and time consuming process of web promotion through search engines.


The following are the advantages of Web Promotion:

  • It's low-cost - Search Engine Listing is cost effective compared to other marketing strategies. Online advertising, such as banner ads, can be quite expensive. And there is no guarantee that the users are going to click on the banners. Search engine placement, on the other hand, can be a low-cost process. Although some search engines have Pay-per-click programs, Paid submissions and many companies optimize sites for paying clients, there is no reason why you can't significantly increase your site's traffic by using web promotion.

  • Most Web site traffic comes from search engines - High search engine rankings can be more effective publicity tools than paid ads. A top position on a Major Search Engine such as AltaVista can increase traffic far more than an expensive banner ad. Plus, the traffic you get will be more targeted - it will consist of people who set out to find exactly what your site has to order. A web site is only useful if it is being viewed by the intended target audience.

  • Search engine text links provide branding and more conversions than banner ads.

  • The 1998 Georgia Tech GVU User Survey reported 85 percent of respondents found Web pages from search engines. Since then, other studies have reported 50 to 80 percent of Web site traffic comes from search engines. Both Jupiter Media Metrix and Nielsen/Net Ratings have reported shoppers use search engines to find product information online.

  • In 2000 the first studies on the issue of banner ads. Vs search engine placement had indicated that the effectiveness of banner ads. Had diminished greatly. Even the size changes and improved designs both the popularity and effectiveness of banner advertisements, not considering the expensive charges have declined dramatically. In fact, people often don't even see banner ads while searching because they scroll down.

  • Search Engine Listing / Ranking outperforms other web marketing approaches by a significant margin. In a February 2001 study by NPD Group, search engine text links outperformed banner-ad copy by 3-to-1.